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Lake Louise Ski Club offers high performance programs for U14 and U16. We have two types of programs to meet individual athlete interests:

  1. High performance U14 and U16 programs to move athletes to the Alberta Ski Team and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. The goal is to give athletes the skills to race World Cup.
  2. Hybrid U14 and U16 programs. Athletes in a hybrid program are just as dedicated to their ski racing as other high performance alpine athletes, but also pursue interests in ski cross and/or big mountain. Unique programming allows athletes to develop these skills and enter ski cross or big mountain competitions. We know not all athletes want to race world cup and we want to work with each individually to support their interests in the sport of skiing.

Those interested should contact the executive director.

Lake Louise Ski Club looks to support all athletes in their personal pursuit of excellence, while building a life-long love affair with the sport of skiing.